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My PC Hates Floppy Disks

so starting this weekend, i will begin pulling all of the data from my 3.5-inch disks into folders on my vaio and then burn this stuff to a few cd-rs. Sniper Elite 4 review: Headshotting Nazis has never felt so good 1995-2015: How technology has changed the world in 20 years Microsoft HoloLens hands-on review Best HomeKit devices compatible with Apple's i don't want to have to do that again. I haven't had (or have!) the time to work out what the conditions for it happening are but have seen the problem on several computers that are in themselves not connected

in the mid-eighties, the 3.5-inch floppy disk that was no longer floppy arrived. I have even tried to format these disks, however, my system will not proceed with the command. I had to not only enable "boot from other device", but also disconnect the CDROM and HDD power cables. that points to one major advantage of the floppy: you can assume that every machine will have one.

Windows 7 refuses to format my floppy disks! Edstow 12:54 01 Mar 04 Remember the floppy cable has a right and a wrong end as well as a right and wrong position.The plug near the twist in the cable less tech-savvy people don't question the floppy drive; it is there as part of the pc and can be very handy in times of crashes with that essential boot cd. Apple Macs stopped having floppy drives years ago as it is just as easy to boot from a cd nowadays - but that is another story Stuartli 08:58 01 Mar

  • Maurits [MSFT] says: November 10, 2005 at 4:32 pm I was reminded of the people who pooh-poohed Windows 95 because it didn't format floppy disks smoothly.
  • inphinity24-08-2010, 02:18 PMYeah, I had similar problems getting my punch cards to work under Win7.
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  • yes. - by floppy cheap, useful yes about damn time! (10:52pm est fri feb 07 2003)floppy's suck, i knw that u would need it for the bios flash, but soon the
  • I have another free program which can recover corrupted images.
  • Bootable CDROMs have been around at least as long as the iMac, and are quite mature.
  • This began with Money 2005, I believe.

as the new disks gained in popularity, 5.25-inch disks began collecting dust. Disk #1 appeared to work fine with a CD booter, disk #2 was horribly corrupt and got dissected as an example to the rest, which probably explains why disk #3 suddenly A standard 1.44MB floppy drive on an MSI 790GX-G65 motherboard. I had to use that HP utility to format the drive and copy the boot sectors/system files from a floppy.

Nostalgia perhaps? For the life of me, couldn't find a way to make a thumbdrive appear as an A: drive. Mark says: November 10, 2005 at 6:57 pm I had to format a bootable floppy last night so I could run Spinrite. I haven't gotten around to the alternative of researching whether this behavior can be modified.

i suppose floppy drives' continued inclusion is due to a number of reasons, but mainly because people expect it to be there, and it has not been until recently that people the drives didn't like the windows nt and 2000 operating systems i used at work and nearly all of the cartridges ended up partially corrupted. Why are usb mice laggy when formatting disks btw? While experimenting, it's usually faster to just copy a few drivers and edit CONFIG.SYS, but sometimes formatting is faster.

Formatting was a sensible precaution, especially if you were buying the cheap stuff. usb storage aside, desktop users have the option of burning data to cds and dvds readable by other pcs. I hate to have to toss them out. In my experience, doing a raw dd that way wrote to the physical block numbers in sequence, using the bad blocks and disabling the use of replacements.

however, if you're formatted to ntfs, you won't be able to get to it, so you need to set up a fat partition just to hold the bios files.

and even Jonathan Wilson says: November 10, 2005 at 6:16 pm My current PC doesnt even have a floppy drive. None for Linux (but Linux wasn't common then). Can't work out what causes it but XP hates floppy disks and hates them even more if they have been used in another computer.The best way to test the drive is

Will Sullivan says: November 10, 2005 at 10:18 am Why, it was yesterday for me, as well. or is this just a magnetic media issue? - by aka_syn floppies are reliable… (12:36pm est fri feb 07 2003)because the only way to copy a file from school or from Constant Contact Review Join.Me Review LiquidPlanner Review Microsoft Office 2016 Review Microsoft Office For Mac Review Microsoft Office 365 Review Vivantio Pro Review Wrike Review Zoho Projects Review Cameras & Photo/Video InfoWorld also celebrates people, companies, and projects.... libraryHelpAdvanced Book SearchShop for Books on Google PlayBrowse the world's largest eBookstore and start reading today on the web, tablet, phone, or ereader.Go to

I also flash the BIOS to the latest revision from the manufacturer's support page. fuck you all! - by notsimon mark (2:53pm est fri feb 07 2003)most new motherboards that i know of come with the ability to upgrade the bios through a software utility My floppy drive isworking successfully, yet I still cannot access these files in any whichmanner.

what does that even mean?

i don't see any schools having a cd-rw drive and such. We need more details. it first appeared on the high-tech landscape in the late sixties in the form of a big, thin plastic disk housed in an eight-inch-square black jacket. there are many things that should have replaced them over the years but their beauty is in their simplicity and the fact that they simply work.

Fix the floppy drive cannot read or write under Windows 7. Every>> single last one of them will not and can not be read nor opened. Again I think the F6 prompt was the same as usual, but those were even before Sept. 24 so my memory is fuzzy. It may also be an odd floppy-related BIOS setting that WinXP and Win7 interpret differently.

Gabe says: November 12, 2005 at 6:35 pm "When was the last time you formatted a floppy disk?" 11/11/2005 Needed to use CheckIt Professional 7.x which is floppy based. Format does (or can) check for bad blocks, mark them, and cause other blocks to be used as replacements. I was selling a program on floppy some time ago which had some pretty basic protection on it and I found I had to reformat every disk before I installed the Don't even get me started on PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports.

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Of course, the first step was finding some 5.25" floppies (Ebay to the rescue again). solved CD/DVD Drive can burn disks but can't read them - only showing up as "DVD/R" drive? the only hitch is that a usb key can't boot a pc—yet.