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Ventrilo Troubleshooting


But these experiences were the small exception to the much friendlier rule. View Tutorials Products Mumble Download TeamSpeak Download Ventrilo Download Overwolf Download Services Mumble Servers TeamSpeak Servers Ventrilo Servers View Network Status Server Status Widget Support Mumble Tutorials TeamSpeak Tutorials Ventrilo Tutorials Need help ASUS ! In order to create, edit, or delete filter settings on the Server Properties page, you must first log on as the Server Administrator.

Was entertaining tho. I feel kind of annoyed since the main reason for getting the card was so that my sound quality in voip-apps would improve. HOODedDutchman09-21-2012, 02:14 AMWhat ????? I'm now in touch with ASUS to return the card.

Ventrilo Troubleshooting

Try to place one from PSU side and another from power connector side. Switch your mic to record mode then switch back to push to talk. To make sure you can use your Ventrilo server while playing games, please make sure Ventrilo is run as an administrator.

Its sorted! Most users, if not all, prefer to have their single GPU placed in that slot, NOT their soundcard. I hope that Asus ROG will come up with a Fix for this anytime soon Can you provide me with full system specs? Ventrilo Download All 5 different types of Spam filters use these settings to determine which communication actions should be filtered out on your Ventrilo server.

Using Vulcan headset plugged into the external volume box. Ventrilo Windows 10 Issues That was how I thought Vent was going to be: a never-ending misogynistic gauntlet of harassment and requests for pics. Please check back periodically over the next period of the Asus site for a new firmware or driver. Test your sound volume with another person on Ventrilo, so they can provide feedback on your sound volume and quality.

I guess the only con would be that I lost the foam coverings for those earbuds several years back, so they aren't the most comfortable for extended use. Then I went to levels and turned it down to 25. You will notice the person is no longer on the server and will be denied access to the server from here on out. It seems to not happen when playing any other games.

Ventrilo Windows 10 Issues

You can open the Add/Remove Programs utility by clicking Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program. To see a list of different commands that are associated with RCon, type "help" into the RCon window and a list of all commands will be provided. Ventrilo Troubleshooting I simply plugged my mic back into the motherboard plug which uses an creative soundcore 3d chip. Free Vent Server A few people took it to the next level, making some extremely harsh comments about girls, and girls playing the game.

It lessened the EMI - a little. But, for some reason the Asus sound cards are picking it up on certain gpu's. Estatus07-03-2012, 10:52 PMWell, I found a solution after tons of research. Friends have complained before when speaking over ventrilo so I decided to record how it sounded like when the mic was on during a game session, and indeed I heard this Typefrag

  1. Ventrilo supports multiple encoding and decoding algorithms including GSM and Speex.
  2. It sounded terrible but it had no buzzing interference, so i took an old Manhattan mic, and switched the little mic inside with the USB one, now i have decent mic
  3. although I have never thought (nor imagine) to set up supression on sound card.
  4. In order to run multiple instances of Ventrilo, simply add a "-m" onto the end of the Target.
  5. You may do so via a command line interface that opens when the RCon window is selected from Server Admin/RCon.
  6. This is only with the volume at max on high gain.
  7. Second, uncheck the box for Play Key Clicks check box.
  8. A simple test , plug in a microphone, activate "listen" so that you hear yourself realtime, open a browser and scroll up and down..

They thought it will eliminate motherboard`s PCI-express power bus noise ( it should benefit in noise-free sound). You should now see the AFK channel displayed and active on your Ventrilo Server. Your server’s status can no longer appear on websites after this action is completed. There is a guy who solved this problem (he placed 4 ferrite core filters).

Making my first run at x8 (1155), so I will only do this for testing I guess. Now I started to worry that I had a faulty card and would have to RMA it. Once you have selected the proper settings you wish the channel to have, click the Ok button on the bottom of the window.

Azazavr03-20-2013, 04:22 PMI have the same problem with niise in teamspeak while playing Battlefield 3...

Was it something about certain genres of games? Solutions? Estatus07-03-2012, 11:19 AMI'm having this exact same problem with an Asus Xonar Essence STX and playing BF3. We spend such big dollars on Graphics cards and this is one of the most expensive sound cards for $200 go figure.

btw i use Roccat Kave 5.1 headset it have 4 analog jacks The load of WOW exceeds the games you mention system wide so there is no need to test games Years of conversation fill a ton of digital pages, and we've kept all of it accessible to browse or copy over. but it works find well the Phoebus sound is way more amazing when the card is working right. When connecting to a Ventrilo server, you must specify the hosting server's hostname or IP Address so that the Ventrilo client knows where to look for the Ventrilo server.

Look at how many threads there are in this forum requesting ASIO support for the Phoebus (none essentially and that's a big give-away). Below are the steps to increase a user’s volume using the special effects. If anyone has got these headphones to work Ventrillo any help would be appreciated. permalinkembedsavegive gold[–]ForgotPasswordAGAlN 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago(1 child)So, if I activate PTT I should just need to tap my PTT keybind once to fix this ?

Candergart07-17-2012, 10:40 AMI think the fix is to use the Nvidia Frame Rate Target and no vsync. I will try my card in a slot below the gpu to see if my problem goes away. It seems to not happen when playing any other games.