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My First Virus ~ W32.FunLove.4099 ~ ?

To ensure that the file cannot be reinfected, NAV may then add extra bytes to the end of the file so that if it is again accessed by FunLove, then the It appears to have been embedded in a humorous EXE file. Click here for further information: Reference: useful article on Internet security A very useful article concerning the question of Internet security has recently appeared as a chapter in Lewis P. ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection to failed.

McAfee VirusScan: - anti-virus software and info. The main symptom of the virus is body text containing the message: "See the attached file for details" or "Please see the attached file for details". For more information, see You can often spot Bugbear coming in via an email as it uses a range of recognisable subject lines, e.g. "Lost and found", "Membership confirmation", "hmm...", "Payment reminder", etc - others

For further comprehensive information on this topic, see the Spamhaus and SpamCop websites. We had been suffering from the effects of viruses and spam for several years but, thanks to the efficient mail filtering system that we use, these intrusions were no more than See Useful links.

[email protected] This worm was discovered on 30 September 2002, and it appears to have spread very rapidly. a fake WININIT.EXE program which the virus had created in the Windows/System folder, and the Win98 WIN.INI file had been modified so that it called up this fake program on startup. I use Grisoft's AVG anti-virus software on my home network. Most anti-virus sites contain a database of known viruses and information on how to get rid of them.

The virus is not encrypted or polymorphic. Klez is clever: it choses the subject line, message body, and attachment file name(s) at random, and the message appears to be coming from a source other than the infected person's Getting rid of this virus was hard work. © Graham Davies 2011. It is very likely that the author of these two viruses is the same person.

The virus will run from the file it is executed from if the FLCSS.EXE file does not work properly. See Ad-Aware, a useful program tthat keeps adware out of your computer. GRC will try to hack into your computer and report if they succeed: Sign in AccountManage my profileView sample submissionsHelpMalware Protection CenterSearchMenuSearch Malware Protection Center Search Search the Web AccountAccountManage my profileView sample submissionsHelpHomeSecurity softwareGet Microsoft softwareDownloadCompare our softwareMicrosoft Security EssentialsWindows DefenderMalicious Software

If you think your system is secure from intruders then you can run a series of tests at the Gibson Research Corporation (GRC) site in the ShieldsUP! FoldUnfold Table of Contents Behavior Variants Effects Sources Behavior When a file infected with Funlove is executed, it creates the file FLCSS.EXE in the system folder. This is one of those viruses that can slip in through a Windows hole. I have therefore installed the ZoneAlarm firewall on my computer to keep out potential hackers and other unwanted intrusions.

Change the name (also URL address, possibly the category) of the page. A variation of Bymer tries to create a file called MS212INIT.EXE in the Windows/System folder, and a new line is inserted in the WIN.INI file, which attempts to run this MS212INIT.EXE In other words, it tries to open up your computer to potential hackers. Watch headings for an "edit" link when available.

  • My first virus ~ W32.FunLove.4099 ~ ???
  • Websites maintained by commercial virus protection companies contain lists of genuine and hoax viruses: see Useful links.
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  • Spam, adware and spyware Spam, adware and spyware are a growing nuisance.
  • I am completely ruthless when I see an unidentified attachment to an email in my mailbox.

Microsoft suspended updates for two weeks to make sure the virus was cleaned off their systems. Rollin' Rog, Apr 3, 2002 #2 HermesGirl Thread Starter Joined: Feb 22, 2002 Messages: 46 When I get home (at work now) I will post a list of the infected files. [email protected] The Sircam worm hit quite a few personal computer owners and institutions. As a general rule if your system is now running without errors, and symantec has quarantined the files, they may be safe to delete.

Itís an RTF file containing a report on our meeting last week. In addition a new line may be inserted in the WIN.INI file, which tries to run the fake WININIT.EXE file when the computer is booted up. Thank you.

The symptoms of Klez are obvious.

I once received a copy of a virus via an email attachment sent to me by an old friend. See The Death of Email by John Dvorak (24 May 2004). A windows reinstall would only replace system files, not those associated with other programs. Let me know if the attachment arrives safely.

passwords, to the originators of the virus - another good reason for maintaining a firewall on your computer. Before FunLove attempts to infect a file, it first checks to see whether the file is already infected with FunLove. (This is a common procedure used by many viruses. Please do this step only if you know how or you can ask assistance from your system administrator. This is because there are programs (often referred to as robots or simply bots) that search the Web and harvest email addresses that can be used by spammers.

The worm infects every network drive that it finds through the call to WNetEnumResourceA. [email protected] (aka [email protected]) This one began to threaten my system in January 2004, constantly bombarding all three of my mailboxes and succeeding in locking up one of my ISPs for several Choose the Safe Mode option from the Windows Advanced Options menu then press Enter. • For Windows XP users Restart your computer.