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For maximum stability and system recovery the 2 120 gig harddrives should have been installed as Raid 1, mirrored drives. I know that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and I haven't used XP... If you put all your data, including emails, into d:, that's more than enough. For example, scroll to the top of this article and try dragging one of the draggables from there to the drop target near the bottom of the page. navigate here

This is in place to prevent third-party iframes from accessing your data if you happen to drag over them. Do I simply need to have my routing rules target to another folder and this deleting out of nowhere wouldn't happen again? I'll be using a 120-gig disk. XP requires PM 7. Check This Out

Back to top Posted: Dec 10, 04, 13:21 Robert_Charlton Status: InterestedJoined: 20 Nov 2004Posts: 21Location: San Francisco Bay Area Reply Quote jeffd - Thanks for the SP2 comments. What that means is that the E partition is a Windows partition but I'll be holding my DOS data and software on it... Of course, this will not save your data if the entire hard drive fails physically and your My Documents folder is on the same drive, just in a different partition, but If you don't see the user folder on your desktop, right-click on the desktop, choose Personalize and then click on Change Desktop Icons.

Would appreciate your thoughts first about partitioning and swap files, and then about multi-user setup. Dragging and dropping in Windows Explorer vrs copying with a file manager? Someday, when I recover from the cost of this new machine and software, maybe I can upgrade to a newer version. Click on the Location tab and then click on the Move button.

Partitioning disk 2 This suggests, if I read you right, that I include a partition at the head of disk-2 as a swap partition for Photoshop... It leads to some more questions, of course. Multi User Systems A multiuser system always has 1 user, administrator. Here are the main two reasons I've moved the My Documents folder: 1.

All file permissions need to be reset from the defaults, too big a topic for this thread, but Windows native permissions have exactly the worst possible security choices made. After employees upload their expense reports and select the expense report content type, SharePoint will then move the expense report to the appropriate document library on the accounting department's site. When all the settings are appropriately configured, click OK. No, it's just a logic thing, I want all my_docs folders to be in the my_docs folder so I know where to find them.

Preview post Submit post Cancel post You are reporting the following post: My Document drops Target This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. More Bonuses that sans-serif i's, j's, and l's are hard to read (said only slightly tongue in cheek)... Would you comment on ZoneAlarm in addition to, or instead of, these (including the Norton firewall). Reluctant to mess with defaults...

asked 1 year ago viewed 34 times active 1 year ago Related 1Content deployment deploys everything except document library contents (PDF's, excel docs) - Log included0Content Organizer Rule Creation Issue1SP2010 Client But sounds like you got your d: going. Also, most Windows users I spoke with discouraged smaller partitions. Do these want My Documents or the "real" pathname, or is it assumed my data will be in that main folder and thus that spec is superfluous?

  • Right click on 'Windows Explorer', I always make a shortcut in the taskbar to that, in XP you have to first unlock the taskbar to make shortcuts there, then this would
  • XP does not have outbound packet blocking, which means it's not a real firewall, I don't know why they bothered releasing it.
  • ie, should I edit the ASCII ini files so the pathname to the data is...
  • Do I use the "real" pathname or the alias?...
  • That's one of the main differences between 9x and NT-based systems.
  • Plus spaces are a pain to make work in many applications, especially for web stuff, so I don't use them in file or folder names, that means they always work everywhere
  • Pathnames and migration of data...
  • The drop event in these browsers is not prevented, regardless of the effects you set to drag and drop elements.

I don't know whether this was a Windows or a TC limitation... My Documents is just an alias. You'll notice that the document is checked out to you. Drop effect affects the cursor when you move an element over the drop target.

Partition 1, usually c:\ is for windows and programs. I don't know how real my $80 or whatever LinkSys router is, but that's what I'll be using. If the latter, what happens if I put data elsewhere, outside of "My Documents"...

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All DOS runs only in emulation mode, and it doesn't run very well to put it nicely. First, please advise what's correct and what's not correct... It's really a joy to use. By the way, windows permissions are the main cause of viri/malware, almost all default windows install put the main user with full admin rights, which gives all malware full admin rights.

more hot questions question feed default about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info developer jobs directory mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Additionally, the API is not supported on mobile devices. You can also specify who the rule managers are (individuals or groups). After the Content Organizer Settings are to your liking, you will need to set up the Content Organizer Rules. 3.

September 5th, 2014 by Aseem Kishore File in: Computer Tips There are 0 comments, care to add yours? By default, there is one property-based condition started for you. All data goes to your second partition, d:\ create a folder on the d drive called documents, or my_docs, whatever. References Drag-and-drop API spec (MDN) Tutorial on HTML5 rocks Blog post about drag-and-drop on MSDN Native HTML5 drag and drop on Inkling The HTML5 drag and drop disaster Andrey Mereskin, 20

By this, I mean it sounds like I've got to define myself as an account and set up my default "My Documents" before I change its location. Now on to the destination site where my Drop Off Library is, normally you would have Content Organizer Rules to route your incoming documents, for testing purposes I have it routed I gather various firewalls, routers, and communications software can interact. Windows 2000 was very good, but in a way I'm grateful to MS for creating the XP monstrosity, it motivated me to start moving to Linux, since I know I'll never

The default is three days, but you can change that number to better suite your business needs. and not yet into big media files. Can't argue with that, it shouldn't be that different, windows 98 used the same explorer logic as xp/2000 do, same type of path naming conventions, very little difference actually. :: Quote There are ways around this but it's an expert level thing.

What more can you tell me about the user switching mode? re the c:\ partition 1, for Windows and programs... c) I understand further that you can change the Target location by right-clicking My Documents, clicking the target tab, and specifying a new folder. However in Firefox and Safari you will have to either use the scroll wheel or implement custom scrolling logic.

As I mentioned earlier, using libraries is a good alternative in case you don't want to move a lot of data around from their current locations. Help promote this bug in IE feedback center to get it fixed sooner. I set up the Drop off Library and the rules but am getting access denied on the page when the rule runs that sends the document to the destination. Thank you for helping us maintain CNET's great community.

I'd love to see something replace Windows. It has a lot of problems, tends to clog up the system more, some apps simply don't support it, varies app to app. Once I moved the data off, I gave space-hogging Windows more space to live and breathe. 2. Interface derived from the old Norton Commander for DOS and refined from there, and I've been using versions of it for something like the past 20 years.