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Reset My Book Live Password


Thanks. And use the network drive mapping can recognize admin drive? Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. Over.

For example, extracting the config... ergjam 2010-12-29 11:44:55 UTC #2 The user name should be "admin" and the password should be "admin". Random gibberish. Here's a close-up of where it happens: system_config_manage.php if ($new_submit_type == 'downloadconfig') { $webHooks->DownloadConfig(); } else if ($new_submit_type == 'restoreconfiggeneral' || $new_submit_type == 'restoreconfigfull') { if($_FILES['conffile']['type'] != 'text/xml' && $_FILES['conffile']['type'] !=

Reset My Book Live Password

A lot, according to binwalk. ➜ NAS binwalk -E base.debased DECIMAL HEXADECIMAL ENTROPY --------------------------------------------- 0 0x0 0.974186 1024 0x400 0.974860 2048 0x800 0.973665 3072 0xC00 0.976039 4096 0x1000 0.976725 5120 0x1400 to 2889 Step 2: Encrypting 2890 bytes, IV: 56e08c81 1a8084 Step 3: Encoding64 2906 bytes Step 4: Writing 3965 bytes to bomb.xml We upload bomb.xml, get an error as we would One could just perform a full reset, but what's the fun in that? Step 0: Reading 10465 bytes from config.xml Step 1: Decoding64 raw input 10465 bytes Step 2: Decrypting 7685 bytes Step 3: Decompressing 7669 bytes Step 4: Writing 20480 bytes to config.tar

Tech Support Guy is completely free -- paid for by advertisers and donations. anyhow, any comments? login with admin/password! :D Now we can reset the admin password properly to make the change propagate fully. Reset My Book Live Without Losing Data Or should I just keep it at admin/admin?     Yes you can salmashukri 2012-02-16 02:20:07 UTC #5 What is the kudos star?

Password reset. Mybookworld Ip Address Please try the request again. General documentation and help section. Pwn'd. (The hardest thing was emulating the browser request with curl well enough to upload the file.) ➜ AGAIN curl -i -k -F submit_type=restoreconfiggeneral -F [emailprotected]