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MVPS HOSTS June 22/04

Close and reload your web browser then try to go to one of the blocked sites. If your machine is part of a "Domain", check with your IT Dept. I have observed as many as several dozen worms knocking on Symantec's firewall with a Windows machine directly connected to a high speed Internet connection, and they did it in less Start This article has been rated as Start-Class on the project's quality scale.

They have been designed such that filenames that are entirely in uppercase will be displayed as all lowercase. I can only check the sites I frequent. We are unlinking ourselves out of existence by stopping the spies. I am a creator of one of the blocking hosts files, and it defends more than just Microsoft Windows systems.

I made a couple of checks, and it appears that the key works on Windows 2000, but is ignored on Windows XP and Windows Vista (the path to the hosts file Important Note: The HOSTS file now contains a change in the prefix in the HOSTS entries to "" instead of the usual "".This was done to resolve a slowdown issue that I hope this is an answer to your question.

The reason why is that it was reloading the DNS Cache after every host removal. After an hour or two of trying to figure out what the hell was wrong, out of desperation I put my hosts file back to normal, and come to find out Both XP are patched up-to-date. Consequently, using an invalid address, like or is safer." "6.

The script is open-source and licensed under the GPL, so feel free to check it out, change it, give it to your friends and so on. Plus such a censor tool need not only be national but also company thing. bodhi.zazenMay 4th, 2011, 04:25 PMHow could I find out which one is causing the problem? You don't need an image to show text.

Onze spelregels: Reageer alleen in deze thread als je de nieuwste update hebt gevonden. It was very distressing for you people to ignore the big three once you started listing things. 5. Both of these examples were listed in descriptions of real Trojans. It should 404.

You already have the number one blocking hosts file on the Internet which is MVPHosts. click here now Perhaps somebody with better understanding of Windows/WINS networking could distill into something for the article? On Windows there is nothing to prevent people from doing an infection locally. Running a local web server can expose a system to increased external attacks; doing so for this purpose is questionable.

You want to know why? weblink Perhaps it could have been written like this instead... Do you like Tor if so? The sites I was using to test and and both had ads while the video loaded?

  • Don't assume that Linux, Mac OS-X, et al, don't have problems with web sites.
  • grep One or more required applications are missing.
  • which one should it change?
  • A better solution for speeding things up would have been to tell people to put entries of hosts they go to all the time into the hosts file.
  • What need would there be to do that?
  • They detect it is there.
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  • make sure you ensure proper attribution) and you should seek help unless your sure of what you're doing.

sudo chmod a-w /etc/hoststhese lines are a good idea if you go to sites that try to hack/hijack your host file and make it point to their domain only. The chunk Kbrose removed was actually the bit I used to deal with my HOSTS file after moving to win7 a month back... Similarly, cutting the links even though they may not agree with the Wikipedia guidelines isn't a good idea either. navigate here It was added to my wiki on 16:42, July 31, 2007 which is again, protected by the Creative Commons license which is always at the bottom of my wiki.

There are also reverse DNS systems, which can tell you the domain name for a given IP address, as well. email me if yoou want me to send it via email ;) [email protected] TheTankJune 10th, 2010, 09:35 AMOptional = your computer = nowhere "" is faster as "" will I do not know (yet) if more than one name is valid under Windows XP - hasn't worked at all for me but maybe this is not the reason.

The only hosts that are in my BadHosts file that aren't in the MVPS hosts file are Porn and Casino sites that fall through our PAC filter.

Using a well designed HOSTS file can speed the loading of web pages by not having to wait for these ads, annoying banners, hit counters, etc. If so how do I go about getting them? After an hour or two of trying to figure out what the hell was wrong, out of desperation I put my hosts file back to normal, and come to find out IE-SpyAd is a downloadable utility that loads a list of known malicious web sites into the restricted zone on your IE browser.

It's not that Windows "ignores" the HOSTS file, but it tries to load the _complete_ HOSTS file into this "cache", resulting in web surfing/domain name resolution taking very long to work, The article has an awful lot of second-person in it. Is this some anomaly that happened right after SP2 and went away or what? his comment is here so i'm not suprised that there is no proper footnotes for that....

If some downloaded toy complains, uninstall it and find another one. keeps getting killed saying I dont have tofrodos. Active-X is an Internet Explorer problem and can be avoided by the use of any other browser on Windows. Those of you who know vi well know what I mean by that; if you don't know vi well, you won't really understand why that is the case.

Sometimes they use tracking cookies. I was thinking of removing the MS Windows exploit hosts from our Unix / Linux file. You are trying to access the DNS server which you know by name, but you but can't get the correct IP address any more because you either can't get to the i'm not really sure the best way to do this though - maybe a firewall or the privoxy program would be better?

What method do you propose to block them with if they don't use this method? bodhi.zazenApril 6th, 2011, 04:11 PMJust realized I didn't phrase my first question correctly, what I meant was why would you ever not want to use a hosts file? MAKE SURE YOU COPY THE ENTIRE FILE TO /etc/hosts using root or sudo. _DO NOT_ REPLACE THE FIRST TWO LINES IN YOUR HOSTS FILE- localhost YOUR HOST NAME GOES For each site listed as, content (usually ad banners etc) from that site isn't loaded.