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In conclusion, if you use a blocking hosts file on most modern Microsoft Windows operating systems, you must turn off the DNS Cache service. Thanks! Does that key really works? These hosts could use JavaScript, Java, or any of another number of things to do their web exploits. this contact form

So... PPP (talk) 20:15, 18 July 2009 (UTC) Sadly, PPP is correct; the hosts-file format does not support wildcards. Could someone confirm this behavior? --Gynvael Coldwind (talk) 08:54, 10 August 2009 (UTC) Unfortunately, that was, and still is the case; that registry entry is only valid up until Windows 2000.[1] I just download mvps host from around 5 a.m Malaysian time but still detected as trojan by KIS2013. why not find out more

That is going to change. It is likely that everyone who visits after the upgrade will need to log in again, so please keep this in mind.   Update again - Feb 7 - We have It would be more accurate to classify these techniques as something else. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk • contribs) 15:18, 23 June 2006 (UTC) --- The comments from here If you actually already have the updates in your HOSTS file, Kaspersky blocks access to the file until you add it as an exclusion or allow a complete overwrite of your

I've tried to put it under exceptions, no luck thereit just ignores any attempt to bypass the Host file. why is this page titled "Host file"? I'm using the modified version from Spybot Search & Destroy again. Through asking at the reference desk, I found out that Spybot - Search & Destroy populated my hosts file. (not me) Maybe the caption can be modified to explain about Spybot.

You are trying to access the DNS server which you know by name, but you but can't get the correct IP address any more because you either can't get to the If you don't want to discuss either, then remove this page from the Wikipedia entirely. I chose the "incompatibilities with Kaspersky" option, and immediately afterwards I got a pop-up box that was a bit like a break up letter, and I was the hated dumper. edge10 17.03.2013 08:58 Same here, KIS no longer detecting a Trojan after a recent database update and removal of the Exclusion with MVPS Host file 2/25/2013.

This is being done for security reasons. Allow the change ... Generally, the whole spyware/malware/virus problem boils down to Microsoft's unique insistance on making it 'convenient' for ignorant users by making them log on as 'Administrator' (root) by default. The BadHosts hosts file for Windows at has some for the ZoneAlarm hosts associated with the ZoneAlarm Firewall commented out.

ijen360 16.03.2013 01:07 QUOTE(eljay376 @ 15.03.2013 22:24) Ditto this, have allowed KIS2013 to "disinfect", re-boot and re-scan with negative result. In short, least privileges will NOT protect against this type of exploit. Vista has done nothing that prevents this from happening either. Relevant entries added to all of the hosts file on the LAN is a fast, easy way to do that.

Been awhile since I really measured this, though.Just my 2 cents. · actions · 2014-Oct-16 5:29 pm · [email protected]

hyphenated to NormanS Anon 2014-Oct-18 9:39 pm to NormanSNormanSIts really easy with It is a backwards-compatibility hack that hearkens back to long filenames on vFAT (it is only laterally related to a | stylistic design choice made in Windows 95). —Preceding unsigned comment link doesn't change! Caniac 15.03.2013 20:12 QUOTE(Caniac @ 15.03.2013 11:08) I disabled System Watcher, already had it limited to 1MB after watching what the Pure3 RC did with that module (100MBs).Pure3 RC ate up

Microsoft. ^ "Ignored (Hosts/TCP/IP) DatabasePath registry value. (answers & discussion welcomed)". Darkness Knight 16.03.2013 14:29 QUOTE(Darkness Knight @ 16.03.2013 01:14) The problem has been, finally, solved.At least in KIS 2013 with both Spybot modified HOSTS and MVPS HOSTS.Update databases and reboot your It was very distressing for you people to ignore the big three once you started listing things. 5. navigate here Kaspersky "fixed" the issue, but now I'm worried that it has deleted/changed files that were working correctly.Btw, what does MVPS stands for?

After all, the query turns into at least one UDP (User Datagram Protocol packet) out to the DNS server and one UDP packet back. You just make a shortcut to the lower-privileged version. Using it on Win 7.

If some downloaded toy complains, uninstall it and find another one.

nyderic 15.03.2013 18:28 I just had the same problem a few minutes ago after a rootkit search. Thanks, (talk) 22:00, 23 August 2010 (UTC) I think all of these recipes of secondary use of the hosts file amounted to how-to advice and original research, which is not Any better?You´re welcome... I've had to turn KIS off.

I removed the link to the forum as a link to avoid. Please fix this Kaspersky!>>For the moment, I have added the HOSTS file to KIS's exclusion list, but I would prefer KIS to monitor the file as it always has before without I can tell you that many sites will block you if you use AdBlock Plus though. his comment is here When in doubt about the appropriateness of adding new links, make a suggestion on the article's talkpage and discuss with other editors.

open a "Command Prompt" from the Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Command PromptWin8 users - Charms Bar > Search > (type) command prompt > Select: Command Promt (left please consider a donation ... Also, I did not add the link. Can't verify that my hosts file was modified since it was deleted, but I downloaded the new (and also blocked by kaspersky) mvps hosts file from another computer and didn't find