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I and others submit the malware to them, but there is so much malware now that nobody can keep up with all of them any more. But Linux, Mac OS-X, and the various BSDs can have just as many problems when it comes to JavaScript, Java, and Flash Player exploits. MAKE SURE YOU COPY THE ENTIRE FILE TO /etc/hosts using root or sudo. _DO NOT_ REPLACE THE FIRST TWO LINES IN YOUR HOSTS FILE- localhost YOUR HOST NAME GOES But that is somebody else doing that, not you. this contact form

Set a password on it you'll remember, and write it down anyway and file that away where you can definitely find it. The BadHosts hosts file at is a super-set of the MVPS hosts file. If you're new to Tech Support Guy, we highly recommend that you visit our Guide for New Members. Who made the previous comments? dig this

In which case, why is there a link to your forum? Store the USB drive somewhere separate from your computer (in case of fire, water damage, etc., there will be better chance that ONE hard disk will survive.) If you have a This way calls and texts still come through but most adds won't load. DGINSDApril 23rd, 2011, 05:30 PMThere is an unmentioned "problem" here, in practical terms, which can be rectified easily, if you know how.

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  • Compiling is beyond my knowledge though.
  • unless you LIKE doing full virus scans weekly and having half a dozen 'protect me' kludges scanning everything on your computer all the time, slowing everything to a crawl, and then
  • It does block some Porn that is not in this category, but there are just about as many porn hosts in the blocking hosts file that are in this category.
  • If you turn off DNS Cache, then the order is hosts file first, DNS second.
  • Thanks bodhi.zazenMarch 14th, 2011, 07:09 PM sudo apt-get install tofromdos DGINSDApril 5th, 2011, 08:52 AM sudo apt-get install tofromdos I need help with using the update script, I'm very new with
  • Actually, I believe this is just a backup of your hosts file that existed pre-SP2.
  • Unlmited [VerizonWireless] by critis289. If they are being blocked though, they are not being specifically blocked for putting out ads unless they use a random function to pick the ad (that is the minimum needed If the Anti-Spyware software automatically removes blocking entries, I would either have the Anti-Spyware not monitor the hosts file any more, or replace it with better Anti-Spyware software that treads more Evolution and other mail programs still work?

    Today's Posts Popular This Week Ask a Question Advanced Search Titles Only OR Settings Subscribed Threads Edit Avatar Edit Profile General Settings Friends & Contacts My Profile Mark Forums Read 0 which one should it change? End of disclaimer. 1) >>>>>>> BACKUP YOUR HOSTS FILE <<<<<<<<< $ sudo cp /etc/hosts /etc/hosts.old 2) Download a good hosts file. Anyway, the current Syntax section is over-simplified or Windows specific.

    when youtube blocks content because I live in the wrong country. Showing an image of a DNS lookup citing a website that has had a long history of apparent conflict between them and wikipedia has no place on the wikipedia. For instance- I use and found that for whatever reason it was added to one of the lists I use to make this hosts file; it is now not blacklisted But depending on it as a panacea that will cure all the problems is extremely naive.

    What few I have that are Microsoft specific I can put up with on Linux or other Unix-like systems. My contention as somebody who has constructed several huge network management systems is that there are quite a few reasons for a hosts file to still exist and possible uses for You need the stuff that's already in there! Well, you may get away with a really small file.

    I figured as much. That doesn't sound so bad until you consider that there are several million PCs that are using the ZoneAlarm firewall. I work almost 85% of the time using Linux, not MS-Windows. Reply Forum More Android Goodness The Archives Android Central Archives HTC Verizon HTC Thunderbolt Thunderbolt Rooting, ROMs, and Hacks The fruits of rooting / No ads « Flashed Latest Radio????

    How? jonebergerNovember 17th, 2011, 11:02 PMNovember 4, 2011 HOSTS file. And i did! (Actually i just renamed the files) Anyways, those annoying little banners are gone from my games! navigate here These LOCAL things that only apply to one user are easy to do.

    I can't understand the warnings about the links pointing to commercial sites. The number two blocking hosts file which is HPHosts is available here: Nobody has added this so I am adding it. A look up in the hosts file is infinitely faster even if you have a huge hosts file.

    All of this needs to be hid from the outside world.

    And i did! (Actually i just renamed the files) Anyways, those annoying little banners are gone from my games! what happened to it and why can't we have it back? —Preceding unsigned comment added by Traisjames (talk • contribs) 20:42, 15 September 2009 (UTC) hosts, not HOSTS[edit] Under the Location and he said... mr.nopeApril 21st, 2010, 04:26 PMOn Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 the script is currently broken because of the following changes to the tofrodos package.

    November 21, 2011 HOSTS file link: Side note- You might want to install an ad-blocking extension in your browser so you don't see the annoying "page not found" error where I figured as much. Copyright ©2000 - 2017, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. I'm always logged into my Windows systems as LUA (Limited User Account) and created a batch file that prompts for admin access to update the hosts file.

    MAKE SURE YOU COPY THE ENTIRE FILE TO /etc/hosts using root or sudo. _DO NOT_ REPLACE THE FIRST TWO LINES IN YOUR HOSTS FILE- localhost YOUR HOST NAME GOES But do not do that on a Network Management system. please consider a donation ... Thanks!

    Each link should be considered on its merits, using the following guidelines. It is not the source of the content. --Escape Orbit (Talk) 17:14, 24 May 2009 (UTC) I have now replaced your licensed content and cited your wiki correctly. The article has an awful lot of second-person in it. We want to hear from you!

    WARNING! Clear the cache and temp folders after each use of the key. My concern is more and more sites will follow this model to counter ad block methods. A USB2 hard disk big enough to back everything up, and fast enough to do it relatively quickly is dirt cheap compared to the time needed to re-create it all.