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KIS 2011 is still deleting/disinfecting Host file whenever I try to replace it.The last thread about this issue said it was solved and closed the topic but as of posting this Gross [SBS MVP](12/11/04) Re: Trend Micro - HOT fix for the POP issue and "stuck emails"Gary Karasik(12/11/04) Re: XP Upgrade project ideas neededCris Hanna \(SBS-MVP\)(12/11/04) Re: Internet Monitor Users - SBS?Cris They have been designed such that filenames that are entirely in uppercase will be displayed as all lowercase. When you do this you map them to this contact form

Maybe you can compile it from source/port it to Ubuntu? The chunk Kbrose removed was actually the bit I used to deal with my HOSTS file after moving to win7 a month back... yeah dude, i searched...but couldnt get into site... There are many others we don't find.

Lastly, it takes VASTLY more time to explain than the two or three keystrokes take to do ... Some of the things the hosts out there can do to you can be pretty bad. i'm not too knowledgeable in linux.

Further, DNS cache server poisoning isn't nearly as big as problem as people think it is, but even if it is the TTL (Time To Live) for a host prevents a Luc bodhi.zazenSeptember 16th, 2006, 09:04 AMHere is a link to a site with a script to update your hosts file: hostsfile.mine ( Look on the very bottom of the page for DGINSDMay 4th, 2011, 03:14 PMYou can remove or comment out the offending host. Regards, Unimaginative Username 01:31, 15 November 2007 (UTC) Syntax[edit] The syntax is described as per comments in the default hosts file on our Windows XP Media Center system, and the syntax

and install the hostfile on your system. Disclaimer: ***** NOW HEAR THIS ***** A) ***BACK UP*** your /etc/hosts BEFORE YOU START B) You must APPEND to (not overwrite) the file. Using the loopback address can be problematic as it redirects requests to the local machine which may be running a web server for a different purpose. Oddly enough once in a while the video would play but it was rather irregular.

It's like i just went from a modem 54k to a DSL connection. Looking up a temporary replacement in the hosts file is a fast and efficient way to get you going again. [4] To make sure you go to hosts that are critical Aggressio 15.03.2013 18:50 My old MVPS hosts also was detected by Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 today. Your nightmare has ended Regards.

  1. mellowchuck123December 18th, 2011, 06:51 AMDecember 18, 2011 HOSTS file.
  2. bodhi.zazenApril 6th, 2011, 04:11 PMJust realized I didn't phrase my first question correctly, what I meant was why would you ever not want to use a hosts file?
  3. AberdeenNovember 18th, 2011, 12:20 AMNice work and very much appreciated.;) TheTankNovember 21st, 2011, 05:43 PMsnip Thanks for the continuous updates!
  4. I am running XP Home and XP Pro fully patched.
  5. on bluetack, i was just glancing at their forum and it seemed to mention a hosts file here and there but sounds like you are already aware of them...
  6. The MVP hosts file has been a great tool for years.
  7. For each site listed as, content (usually ad banners etc) from that site isn't loaded.
  8. Synetech (talk) 02:56, 4 June 2016 (UTC) Hostsfile Image[edit] I believe the File:Hostsfile-entry.jpg image is useful in explaining about hosts files and their contents.
  9. Like I ate meat on fish Friday and my Italian Roman Catholic mom found the McDonald's cheeseburger in my hand.)Anyway...Thanks for the help.PS.The mystery program that isn't working anymore is Corel
  10. I have this program installed on my computer and I remember you that this program records in the HOSTS file many fraudulent webpages pointing to in order to avoid the

this is not true. November 4, 2011 HOSTS file link: Side note- You might want to install an ad-blocking extension in your browser so you don't see the annoying "page not found" error where Any other reason as long as it isn't any of those three is permissible according to the RFCs (the documents that specify what you can and can't do). and blocking all of china and russia would help i've heard.

So far, the script works nicely but it is still in beta. Will there be a line of countermeasures developed for people like us? Still waiting for solution. Perhaps somebody with better understanding of Windows/WINS networking could distill into something for the article?

My host file was 4 months old, but Winpatrol and notified me there was a change, so I thought this was a threat and allowed KIS to disinfect. Do you like Tor if so? TechNet. navigate here If you actually already have the updates in your HOSTS file, Kaspersky blocks access to the file until you add it as an exclusion or allow a complete overwrite of your

For example, would this entry: redirect all communication attempts to any/all hosts within the domain to the local host so that they would not need their own specific keeps getting killed saying I dont have tofrodos. Which in some cases is fine. @Update: Ok, will do.

This is not an OS-specific issue, although there were references to common unix software (unix being commonly used as gateways).

There is already another similar app - noADShosts - while my app is inspired by it, it shares no code and has some advantages. I can only check the sites I frequent. ALL of these reasons are legitimate per the RFCs. In that case you should submit your reasons for this page to be cut to them, not to me.

The problem is how to merge multiple huge hosts files and to rid yourself of duplicate entries. I don't know what is, but I'm assuming it's a proxy service; have you tried Tor? If you do not know, to get your host name, at the CLI type: hostname nano /etc/hostsAdd the line localhost.localdomain = your host nameAt the top fo the I also still remain unclear of the function of the link to your forum.

Read my last point and you will understand why. 1.