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MSN Virus (yes Another Idiot!)

If we install GNU/Linux and Free Software on your computer, we simply won't have to be bothered again. I'll try to check this again but if you see this then maybe someone else can also help you with it (your host for example). user comments 33 comment(s) new year… (8:36am est fri jan 02 2004)new malicious code.

when would this end? - by optimusprime cell phones is next (8:53am est fri jan 02 2004)cell Firstly, we should deal with the one that's top of the list. have a peek here

Sounds obvious, your story and why to choose linux above windows.I present you another example of an obvious choice. with advances in e-mail server software and e-mail clients it is increasingly harder to write an effective virus or worm. I have to stress that there is a difference between a self-propagating *virus*, which ONLY exist on windows machines, and other assorted malware like troyans and root-kits. Torrox Costa "El mejor clima de Europa" Top murbisa Resident Posts: 773 Joined: Sat May 24, 2008 11:43 pm Location: Cartama & Cardiff Re: HOTMAIL ACCOUNT HACKED INTO!

Quote Postby White Horse » Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:02 pm It's likely the Internet Cafe machine was infected and grabbed your password! or do I have to change my email address! Also got my Mother using a Mac and she really enjoys it, and I have far fewer tech support calls from her.

  1. That dispelled your little theory quite nicely.
  2. Any thoughts on the differences between introducing home users and business users to Linux? (I don't mean to pester you about this, but I take first introductions to Linux seriously.
  3. But that was the example of those days… much much more these days.
  4. Show me a linux OS that supports a Tablet PC, with its touch pen and apps that use it, and I'll start considering the switch. 5/12/09, 2:41 AM Blog of
  5. nothing really new except where it gets the e-mail list.
  6. they are an exploitation of a weakness with an operating system, but the main weakness being the user.
  7. and now it's free SOPHOS About Naked Security About Sophos Send us a tip Cookies Privacy Legal Network Protection XG Firewall UTM Secure Wi-Fi Secure Web Gateway Secure Email Gateway Enduser
  8. In defense of those people, quite possibly the level of involvement into that person's life just isn't feasable.
  9. Quote Postby patricia » Wed Aug 24, 2011 2:26 pm Hi Muriel,Well my account has been closed down now!!
  10. Instead of taking my original post when I say mass deployment, don't think mass deployment in the admin-client model, think of it as the wide distribution to the average home PC

guess you'd been better not to suggest yahoo to Marisa ;) Vote up0Vote down ReplyJune 26, 2014 4:17 pm Stay informed with our free GCHQ newsletter Over 75,000 people follow Graham All Rights Reserved. is THAT scarce? However, there's some things that come to mind that might be able to help you: 1.

i thought there was already an attempfor a cell phone virus that dials 911 too? You refer to DNS which makes me think they're in fact querying your DNS server(s). People need Windows like people need a hole in the head.I stopped fixing Windows machines in 2007. i have had this virus for approx 2 weeks and it sends when my GF is online but not when im online with the same computer it sends a zip file

Hmm... Why is it when the Linux folk have nothing good to say about Linux, they turn their attention to their old chestnut, Windows bashing.Like the politician who does not have much syringe calcium Cameron cancer cells cancer patients Cathcart chemotherapy chronic clinical coffee enemas concentration cure daily diabetes mellitus diet disease doctor dosage doses of ascorbic doses of vitamin drug effects enzyme They are switching to Linux on their home systems, occasionally asking for advice on e.g.

Quote Postby patricia » Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:52 pm Well cant be a 100 percent sure but it happened whilst I was using the internet in an internet cafe when As of 10:12 pm I am officially unemployed.Where did I put that resume...h 5/10/09, 10:13 PM Anonymous said... You have come to expect things to be done for you and you openly accept any code or application that does what you need done.That's need what you need and By continuing to use HUKD, you accept our cookie and privacy policy.Close Get the HUKD app free at Google Play downloadBeat the energy price rises - Get up to £42 in

Sounds like he might know John Kerry...same attempts at humor anyway.Obviously a windows user. 5/12/09, 7:09 AM Andrew Magnus said... navigate here Otherwise, it should be clear as to why this would use DNS. Follow him on Twitter at @gcluley, Google Plus, Facebook, or drop him an email. I'm not too sure about that.... 5/12/09, 3:24 PM Andrew Magnus said... @ BrettMan...I am guessing you are new around here.

where are the windows supercomputers?now linux is growing faster and taking a large chunk of the server market, the linux desktop will come next. - by proof proof,,, (5:14pm est fri Then did all the command line stuff to untar, make, etc. Against my better judgment.Peronally, I don't care if you "consider the switch" or not. Check This Out Follow the instructions given in the "details" links to remove the worm.

Will it work with Linux so all four buttons are programmable and other unique functions work?I use a backup utility called Casper. Never sure why people stick with HM, probably because they have always used it and reluctant to change. That may cause it to stall.

It wasn't the viruses, it was the software that fights the viruses that messed my machine up all the time. 5/10/09, 3:38 AM James Nyland - Austin said...

I loved this article. Email me at [email protected] and let's get to work.h 5/11/09, 8:58 PM Anonymous said... There's enough FUD out there as it is, and some distros are by design unapologetically not for inexperienced users. Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition protects against all the malware that our other software detects.

Sure you will no longer get support calls asking to update their antivirus or troubleshoot some browser hijacker, but you WILL still be getting plenty of support for xorg issues, alsa You are in a place where people not only know better, they eat people that don't.Now run along pork chop. 5/10/09, 4:56 PM The Mad Hatter said... BUT: If the mindset of many users is simply "I'm safe, there is no danger for my Mac", they won't question a plugin-request in their browser to visit a website and Then I want to sit down and play GTA sa (for instance) and I'm back with windows.

It’s not just businesses that are at risk either. It does most things ok with Firefox, but it does not display graphics like census images as well as with IE.I'm also using a Kensington trackball called Expert Mouse. I've changed my password and run the most thorough virus scan of my computer that I can run (it's clean), and it still hasn't stopped it from happening. Reply Martin says: November 22, 2010 at 8:54 pm You have a good point 'if you don't run an av…………how do you know you are clean?' Which is why I thought

I'm happy to see more and more of my colleagues refusing to be victims anymore. I like what you do and I like your blog. Very little with email when the person has a server allowing the crap. Quote Postby murbisa » Wed Aug 24, 2011 9:58 am I got one from you this morning Patricia.

To see if it can locate the file on your pc? There are currently more than 2 million pieces of malware that attack Windows. That was what got me to using Linux in the first place. You've condensed the entire thing down to what it needed to be brought down to.