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Here is a list of some of the Microsoft Office class names:Word.ApplicationExcel.ApplicationAccess.ApplicationPowerPoint.ApplicationMSProject.ApplicationEach application has a general purpose and can be used to publish information in different ways. Drop us a note to discuss your requirements >> email us. . Since different applications will consist of different forms, each with different fields and layouts and since the naming convention of the created and detached files that are used may be specific rc = wordobj.dialogs(wdDialogFileSaveAs).Show In this example, rc is set to the return value of the dialogs().Show call. Check This Out

Time to go back to class Does extended education from the Linux Foundation and others help graduates meet the demands of today’s Linux jobs? Seth Crothers, Presented by Lotus Software, IBM Corporation. In this tip, you'll learn how to edit a Lotus Notes document online in Microsoft Word -- without having to write a single line of code. Exchange Server ...

The slow disappearance of the fax machine in healthcare Healthcare has a long way to go before it stops using fax machines altogether, but many are on their way with the Like the Lotus Notes client, Lotus iNotes now opens functional areas and ..... If you can get your documents reviewed electronically, can you also "nag" your colleagues and bypass absentee reviewers via computer?

  • The following list shows the values you can use for the $OLEObjProgID and _ViewIcon fields, respectively, if you would like to customize this template to work with SmartSuite.
  • For example, you might want to apply a bold typeface to the "Hello, world!" string that you just entered.
  • From there, use the add method, which creates a new document and returns a reference to it.The best source for available objects and their associated methods and properties is the target
  • They could then be retained on CD, transferred to a document management system or some other solution.

At this point, you can now begin controlling that application through LotusScript, performing such actions as creating or opening documents, passing text, and formatting text.The last line of the previous code MicroSolutions Inc. A message will be displayed telling you the settings have been cleared. Review cycles can be set up as sequential -- one reviewer after another, or as parallel -- multiple reviewers at the same time.

The first reviewer will be notified and the status of the document will change. Use LotusScript if you must delete a profile document. Although the concepts presented in this article can be applied to sharing data with other applications (for example, Lotus SmartSuite®), the focus of this document is publishing with Microsoft Word.Requirements and Search result title: Creating a quick survey Search result description:Dec 4, 2001 ...

This ensures that the touch costs for undertaking the export are as low as possible and that no version control issues effect the current Lotus Notes application. Review Cycle dialog box, Serial review styleSelect a Review style. This feature is implemented through two action buttons: Mark Private and Mark Public.Lotus Notes documents In addition to creating and editing documents with Microsoft applications, you can also create standard Lotus In the Microsoft Office Library you will see a merged help menu for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint when using Office '97.

Search result title: Taking your Domino applications to the Web Search result description:Jan 2, 2001 ... Should all opinions be critical and time be of the essence, you can have reminders sent after a specified number of days. Preservation of Records - The other situation could be like the data present in a Notes application may be required to be retained for a long number of years for compliance To create a new Web service, open a database in Lotus Domino Designer, go to ....

Full source code is accessible by downloading the associated sample file in the Downloads section of this article.Listing 5. his comment is here If you have not already set up a profile you will be prompted for the information needed to archive the selected documents. An example of this could be contract documents that always remain a vital document for any organization in a long run. The first is simply called Serial Review, the second is called Serial Review (keep all revisions).

Create new registration Member Tools RSS Feeds RSS feeds All forum posts RSSAll main topics RSSMore Lotus RSS feeds Resources Resources Forum use and etiquette Native Notes Access Web site Feedback Select View - Object Browser. Search result title: while archiving emails form lotus notes, Iam facing a issue while ... this contact form You might find it easier to create a function to perform the translation of inches to points by multiplying the number of inches by 72 (there are 72 points in one

Click Yes when prompted to save the document. Okay, so you want to send your new product specification to five colleagues using the Serial Review style. Privacy Please create a username to comment.

Once you have set up a review cycle and submitted the document for review, you can keep track of its status either passively with the Review Status View, or you can

The Microsoft Office Library has the ability to archive documents based on your specifications. If you have chosen to locate the archived document on the server, you will be prompted to select an available server. Such application allows you to convert entire NSF file with mailbox folders or multiple NSF files according to your choice. You might frequently need to create mail merges with data in Lotus Notes applications, to create reports with specific formatting, or to enable features such as pivot tables.

These examples are not natively available in Lotus Notes.An often overlooked option is to use Microsoft Office to publish information stored in Lotus Notes databases. The object should also be registered as Insertable. Submit it to our monthly tip contest and you could win a prize. Resolve Outlook PST 0x80040119 Error Consider a real life scenario wherein you are working in Microsoft Outlook 2002 with Windows 7.

Although this is an inherent constant in Microsoft Word, you need to declare your own constants.Listing 4. Documents can be archived because they have expired or because they have been inactive for a period of time. Learn the ins and outs of programming with the Lotus Notes/Domino C API. ... These issues are all resolved using Integra for Notes and a specific Integra profile designed to meet the export needs of a particular Notes application.

Apart from real-time email services, Mac Outlook also provide... 1 year ago Exchange Server Recovery How to Repair damage EDB File and export the mailbox data into .pst file - When If you choose to archive documents on a schedule, the Periodic Archive agent will review the Archive Profile you create and move documents meeting the specified criteria into the archive database.