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MS Word 97 Printing Hyphen

You should not need to hyphenate your document often, if you remember these guidelines of when hyphenation is necessary: Hyphenate only before you print. Solution: Direct the user's attention to the Close Full Screen View button at the bottom of the window (depending on the version) or tell them to press Alt+V to display the rpurosky18 Jan 2016, 09:05 I do know that the en dash will sometimes automatically appear (through AutoCorrect?) and replace a hyphen, but do not know every instance when this occurs. Turn hyphenation on by clicking the "Tools" menu, clicking "Language," and then clicking "Hyphenation." Put a check in the box labeled "Automatically hyphenate document." Set the hyphenation zone to about half

On screen the word splits after I enter the optional hyphen. Optional hyphens are created by pressing Ctrl+- (Ctrl and the hyphen or dash key). AutoFormatAsYouTypeMatchParentheses True for Microsoft Word to automatically correct improperly paired parentheses. PrintEvenPagesInAscendingOrder True if Microsoft Word prints even pages in ascending order during manual duplex printing.

Read/write. Go to Tools | AutoCorrect Options and click the AutoFormat As You Type tab. You will not find this chapter on the Microsoft site.

Bonus fixes Word may cause your users some additional grief in various other ways besides automatic behaviors. Through the course of editing your document, if the word falls at the end of a line, it will be hyphenated as you direct. It makes your text look nice but it is harder to read! DefaultTrayID Returns or sets the default tray your printer uses to print documents.

PrintFieldCodes True if Microsoft Word prints field codes instead of field results. StrictInitialAlefHamza True if the spelling checker uses spelling rules regarding Arabic words beginning with an alef hamza. Both use dot leaders for the Right Tab. Word will automatically define a Table of Contents in just this way.

MatchFuzzyTC True if Microsoft Word ignores the distinction between the "tsui", "tei", and "chi" characters and between the "dei" and "ji" characters during a search. Non-breaking hyphens. These are created by pressing Ctrl+Shift+- (Ctrl+Shift and the hyphen key). When I click on the "Send to Mail Recipient (as Attachment)" button, what I want to have happen is for the filename to be inserted as the Subject line in the This should be about 120 percent of the character point size.

  1. RevisedPropertiesMark Returns or sets the mark used to show formatting changes while change tracking is enabled.
  2. Solution: Go to Tools | Options and select the Edit tab.
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  4. If you choose to print your document on a different machine than it was developed on, you will undoubtedly be using a different printer driver and perhaps a different version of

The text is not stretched to go all the way to the right Indent. AutoFormatReplaceOrdinals True if the ordinal number suffixes "st", "nd", "rd", and "th" are replaced with the same letters in superscript when Word formats a document or range automatically. Remember that each cell in a table can be aligned independently and that you can turn off the borders for the table so that it will not print lines between or Read/write.

AutoFormatAsYouTypeReplaceFractions True if typed fractions are replaced with fractions from the current character set as you type. Check This Out True indicates equations are represented in Linear Format. WPHelp True if pressing Microsoft Word key combinations that produce actions in WordPerfect displays dialog boxes that describe how to perform the equivalent actions in Word. PasteFormatWithinDocument Returns or sets a WdPasteOptions constant that represents how text is pasted when text is copied or cut and then pasted in the same document.

For example, "*bold*" is changed to "bold" and "_underline_" is changed to "underline." AutoFormatReplaceQuotes True if straight quotation marks are automatically changed to smart (curly) quotation marks when Microsoft Word formats DefaultBorderColorIndex Returns or sets the default line color for borders. Hyphenating the words in the document can make your text read easier. Source The screenshots below show text where this has been done.

True indicates that background colors and images are printed. If you do have that language support turned on, you will see five icons in the paragraph alignment area with the fifth one being for Distributed. Corresponds to the Allow starting in Reading Layout check box on the General tab of the Options dialog box.

For a version of this tip written specifically for earlier versions of Word, click here: Understanding Hyphens and Dashes.

True indicates that Word automatically converts equations to professional format. UseDiffDiacColor True if you can set the color of diacritics in the current document. BrazilReform Gets or sets the mode for the Brazilian Portuguese speller. ShowSelectionFloaties Returns or sets a Boolean that represents whether mini toolbars display when a user selects text.

TabIndentKey True if the TAB and BACKSPACE keys can be used to increase and decrease, respectively, the left indent of paragraphs and if the BACKSPACE key can be used to change If the word does not fall at the end of a line, the hyphen is not used and the word remains unhyphenated. Lyonizing Word: Using the “Find What Expression” Wildcard Categories Books Business of Editing Computers and Software Contributor Article Customization Editing Editing Tools Editorial Matters Financial Matters Guest Article Indexing Lyonizing Word have a peek here MatchFuzzyPunctuation True if Microsoft Word ignores the distinction between types of punctuation marks during a search.

UpdateStyleListBehavior Gets or sets a WdUpdateStyleListBehavior constant that specifies the behavior Word 2010 should take when updating a style to match a selection that contains numbering or bullets. ReplaceSelection True if the result of typing or pasting replaces the selection. Again, I would never use Distributed for anything other than a single line of text for a special purpose.