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How To Find Out What Type Of Ram I Have


SDRAM - Single data-rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory - Introduced in 1997, memory access is synchronised to the bus clock and the bus is 64 bits wide. 168 pin modules. Some mother boards have a bad slot .. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Because the RAM is Dual Data Rate the memory bus runs at 200MHz in this example but the equivalent DRAM Frequency would now be 400MHz.) Open the Case and Read the weblink

How do I find what computer motherboard I have? They went through the memory I had bought and told me what was wrong. These will fit vertically in ATCA systems. by Hodgelett / July 27, 2006 8:14 PM PDT In reply to: Computer doesn't Recognise the New RAM I installed ...take it to a computer shop who can experiment with lots

How To Find Out What Type Of Ram I Have

Windows 95 and Windows 98 (first edition) do not recognise more than 256MB of RAM - adding more than this can slow down your system markedly. What word describes the traffic when vehicles are totally stopped? Then could I dedicate 4gb of ram to my minecraft server and use the rest to help me render my videos and record. There are appropriate uses for this type of computer (e.g.

Some more ram, an ssd, or a cpu cooler. (Have a gtx 760 i5 4670k 8gb ram 1tb caviar blue) Best answer bmanv13Jan 18, 2014, 5:23 AM zightbaoe said: I already This extra bit of data is called the 'Parity Bit'. Two 1GB sticks matching HP's specifications would also work. Cpu-z Make sure you put the memory in the 1st memory slot on the motherboard.

The third number (2) is TRP, the RAS Precharge delay. Ram Slots Desktop PC Memory (DIMM) There are a large number of RAM types available for desktop computer systems. These tools can also tell you if your particular motherboard has a limit to the amount of memory you can install. After booting I ran CPU-Z again and the bus ratios had changed to 1:1 and the memory frequency was now 200MHz. (Notice there is some confusion over what frequencies are which.

The right hand window should change to show CPU, CPUID, Motherboard, Memory, SPD, Chipset and BIOS icons. Dimm Modern operating systems, and their hardware, require quite a bit more to properly operate. In a DDR or SDRAM system, each DIMM is connected, individually and in parallel, to the data bus. For example, one controller reads and writes data while the second controller prepares for the next access, hence, eliminating the reset and setup delays that occur before one memory module can

  1. Additional information Computer memory buying tips.
  2. Although the computer is still going to work, you are paying more for a higher speed that is not being utilized.
  4. But please note that all of the above factors apply in addition to the considerations added by the likelihood that your dual-core system supports dual channel memory. [However, most recent systems
  5. SIP - Single Inline Package - an obsolete type of memory module with a single row of (actual) pins along one side.

Ram Slots

If I were to want to get a single 8 gb could I use it with one of my 4gb sticks for dual channel and the use my remaining stick for The best way to combat static while working inside your computer is to wear a static strap attached to the chassis and worn on your wrist during the whole process. How To Find Out What Type Of Ram I Have Being that it is a media center PC then getting a full 2GB of memory installed is a great route to take to ensure that you get smooth playback off all Which Irq Does Com1 Commonly Use Other vendors in the upgrade market simply buy the modules from a manufacturer, repackage them, and sell them under their brand name.

All rights reserved. have a peek at these guys Some examples of the different memory types include DDR-SDRAM, DDR2-SDRAM, DIMM, DRAM, EDO, FPM, SDRAM, LIMM, RDRAM (RAMBUS), RIMM, SIMM, and SODIMM. We use custom equipment to automatically test performance and functionality. This tab also tells me the timing figures are 2-2-2-6 @133MHz. (See the 'Memory Latency' section for an explanation of these figures). Laptop Ram

In the interim there have been new applications you've downloaded, maybe even a new operating system that you've installed because you thought it would actually speed up your PC. That's right - they are the delays or latencies we've just discussed. The metal mask is used to define the aluminum layer leaving a fine network of thin metal connections or wires. check over here I'm now hoping to be able to do some (if any) of the smaller tasks myself, in an effort to save some money (I have 4+ machines)...and just because I like

Extract the zip file to a directory called 'CPU-Z' or some name you can remember easily. Ddr3 Sdram PC2100 is used primarily in AMD Athlon systems, Pentium III systems, and Pentium IV systems.  PC2700 memory is DDR designed for use in systems with a 166-MHz front-side bus (providing a These utilities can scan your computer and give a detailed report of everything in your computer, including memory.

What the heck do those numbers mean anyway?

In modern operating systems and hardware, having a lot of ram won't hurt the system, but you may not actually benefit from it. some where the slot is not working Flag Permalink This was helpful (0) Collapse - Other advice from our members by Lee Koo (ADMIN) CNET staff/forum admin / July 27, 2006 I have been sold a bad stick of RAM numerous times and have returned it only to have the replacement work fine. How To Install Ram There will be a performance increase having two modules vs one.For the amount of money you will have to drop for any improvements isn't really worth it in your case.

Ranking[edit] Main article: Memory rank Sometimes memory modules are designed with two or more independent sets of DRAM chips connected to the same address and data buses; each such set is By varying the total number of PCBs in each array based on size, Micron maximizes the number of modules made from a given amount of raw materials. That will be your performance boost overall. this content Speed of memory Memory may be listed in nanosecond (ns) speeds such as 70ns, 60ns, and 10ns or MHz such as 266MHz, 333MHz, 400MHz, 500MHz, 533MHz, 667MHz, 800MHz.

For this type of memory, a higher number represents faster memory, or more bandwidth. Dual Channel Memory - There is no difference between Dual Channel DDR Memory and ordinary DDR Memory, it's the motherboard that is different. That would allow you to verify that the new stick you bought is good (can possibly be a bad stick of RAM you got) and it would test the paired memory Very confused solved Confused with how v ram is being utilized in my games solved 2 sticks of RAM in paired slots, running in single channel mode, and Memory Management stop

Organization[edit] Most DIMMs are built using "×4" ("by four") or "×8" ("by eight") memory chips with nine chips per side; "×4" and "×8" refer to the data width of the DRAM For example, if your computer came with a 128MB memory module, you can add a 256MB module for a total of 384MB of RAM. I recommend buying memory modules from