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Windows 10 Multiple Hard Drives


I don't want to throw the hard drives away or sell them because I really don't remember what's on them, and even a thorough reformatting won't necessarily erase their contents in You've helped me understand what's going on. Community Q&A Search Add New Question Can I insert one hard disk into another computer? With this level of backup, is RAID 0 a reasonable option? have a peek here

That said, I would *not* suggest purchasing a second drive for that reason alone. Nor is everything managed the same way. I use PINNACLE software (and NERO or CREATIVE as necessary). Many people don’t start creating backups until they lose important data in an unfortunate hard drive crash — don’t be one of them!

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Windows 10 Multiple Hard Drives

You'll most likely end up with something close to what I suggested.You are correct in that I have to "guess" how much space to allocate to each partition but, I'm usually USB 3.0) is touted as having a 5Gbps signaling rate, making it 10 times as fast as USB 2.0. When all the disks are in place, click Create to create the spanned volume.Spanned volumes are a little different in every operating system, but the process is similar. A second external hard drive or a backup internal hard drive can save your data from being lost if your other hard disk fails.

Within an extended partition you can have quite a number of logical drives (These logical drives in the extented partitions are commonly called "partitions" too but, strictly speaking they should be When using an eSATA connection, it may be necessary to get Windows to search for changes to your SATA Controller. For instance, if I had two drives, I could have a "D1 - System B" and a "D7 - System B" (if it happened that the additional drive had Windows installed How To Use Multiple Hard Drives Windows 7 Video Tips Start the PC, go to CMOS (setup page to BIOS) by pressing F2 in Intel Machines or Press "Delete" in Non-Intel Machines.

wikiHow Contributor If you're planning on two Windows drives, plug it in as shown; you'll get an option menu on boot asking which one you want. Always select for Quick Formatting. Or, maybe you have other specific needs that require lots of space on one volume. However, instead of spanning your volumes, it uses something called striping: instead of filling up one drive and moving onto the next, it writes data across all of your drives.

There you can select on which partition to place the swapfile and also its size.Note that to force Windows NOT to have a swapfile on drive C (its default location) you Multiple External Hard Drives Here are some steps for installing multiple hard drives on the same machine. To save space on your system drive, you may want to move your page file to another hard drive. solved Reinstalling windows with multiple hard drives solved Reinstalling Windows 7 on a PC with multiple hard drives solved Combine multiple (4) hard drives into one large one, including current primary

  1. I now realise I should have made more of an effort.What would you propose I purchase as the optimum set of drives for "Jack of All Trades" PC (a bit of
  2. Of course, I'm not sure how having the swap file on a different drive would help, but if it actually does, you could make one for that.
  3. ZogAug 1, 2006, 3:09 PM 440bx.....this is my very first post to this forum and it is your words which promted me into action.Thanks for the fantastic info.I am in the
  4. There is one big advantage to an external drive: you can plug it into multiple machines and move files around.
  5. Add Photoshop, and another couple of rendering and modeling "utilities" and by now you need about 16GB of ram just to get everything loaded.
  6. While they vary in terms of cost, capacity (one of them will hold as many as four drives) and form factor, they do have a lot in common.
  7. But as you said it doubles the probability of losing your data.
  8. I have Raptor 36Gb for OS and apps, 120Gb hdd for all my stuff.
  9. I bought two more drives and a SATA host bus adapter, but that seemed to cause problems.

How To Combine Two Hard Drives Into One

They'd also have to be the same size and speed, or you'd have to sacrifice some of their size and speed. Installing Multiple Hard Drives: Shop Hard Drives ▸ Things You'll Need Two hard drives or more Computer Determine the Setup You WantThere are two main ways to use multiple hard drives Windows 10 Multiple Hard Drives Don't Miss: [email protected]: A look back at Y2K in cartoons 5 new threats to your personal data Newsletters Resources/White Papers Search computerworld Sign In | Register Hi! Multiple Internal Hard Drives storing movies, tv episodes....

Click on the option that appears and find the disks you want to combine.If your disks have data on them, right-click on each and choose "Delete Volume." Make sure you're deleting navigate here I mean complete and total failure! It has been corrected; we apologize for the error.] Depending on your needs, at least one of these should enable you to lengthen the lifespan of that internal hard drive you've Repeat this process for the other drives you want to include in the span.Click on one of the now-empty drives you're going to use, and click the "RAID" tab. How To Install Two Hard Drives In One Computer Sata

This partition is exclusively for the Windows swapfile and all the "Temp" directories that Windows uses, including "Temporary Internet Files" and "Temp" folder for each user under Windows XP. RAID 0's biggest downside is not only the lack of redundancy, but the fact that if you lose one drive, you lose all your data—with little to no hope of recovering Very often partitions cannot be undone. paybaxJul 22, 2006, 10:33 AM I have 3 drives.My first drive is the WD raptor 74 gig 10 K.

There is a disadvantage to having the pagefile on the last partition of your drive. Two Hard Drives Two Operating Systems jjwJul 23, 2006, 4:59 AM I've had a few hard drive crashes. Tentative plan is to use a Pentium-M motherboard, a drive of around 200GB for system and programs, and a 750GB drive for music.

If one drive failed, you'd lose the data on both -- so make sure you have backups if you do this.

Before we start the process of adding a drive, we need to do a small amount of research inside your machine. Formatting may take an hour or more, so be patient. That is, in a RAID array, you're stuck using the smallest disk's capacity for each drive, and the slowest disk's speed for each drive. Install Programs On Second Hard Drive but those are much more expensive per MB than either EIDE or SATA and I also belive you cant get them in as large a size but I haven't really looked

sbroadbentJul 23, 2006, 12:51 PM I've had multiple internal hard drives since windows 98 when I had 2 6GB and a 20GB hard drives. There are many things you can do with additional hard drives in Windows, including combining them with Storage Spaces, moving your user data folders over, and customizing the location of Windows' This, along with the rest of the partitions is what will keep your system responsive even when all of the partitions are close to being full. I have never had any problems in terms of data loss or abnormal issues with the partition type changing.....

I'd have an "attic" partition on the second drive just as on the first one. Now, let's say you're running out of space on drive F. Even if you've… Read more Read more Pros: Higher levels of RAID offer the ability to turn multiple drives into one, big, often fast volume without worrying about losing your data. Parama Herath If you have an empty PCI slot, you can buy a SATA card and attach other SATA drives to that.

Other RAID configurations: Hard drives can be combined in more advanced setups, and each of them has different benefits and limitations; but they are usually used by very advanced users with Shorting the drive would have helped a great deal to prevent the slowdown. Hope that helps. Incidentally, if Apple should begin shipping systems equipped with USB 3.0 in tandem with its own Thunderbolt external I/O port technology, any of these docks should work in plug-and-play fashion, just

This one gets backed up very often - sometimes several times a day (of course that depends on what you do with your computer). Volume 1: C= WXP OS (about 20Gb). Any new hard drives will include connector cables to attach to the motherboard and the power supply.