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Dead Hard Drive Recovery


They are soooo cheap that if they dont recover quickly go and replace them. VirtualMark That's why i said we had no options - it wasn't important data for a big company, it was a few photos and mp3's for a mate. A copy of a clean room inspection certificate (while the clean room is in use, not "at rest") that is current is the most BASIC qualification, but a necessity with a I read something about how DOS can't access SATA only IDE perhaps I need to make an adjustment to raid settings in the BIOS?

Sometimes, I can put the drive back in the freezer and get another 5 or 10 minutes. My computer is extremely slow, CPU usage at minimum, at first there was a problem when opening files, so I did a reinstall, and I was certainly surprised to see that Recovering a hard drive is a bit like getting back a stolen car Most Popular Recovering a hard drive is a bit like getting back a stolen car—you'll be happy to Then I started getting bleeping sounds, sirens, 'Your Disc has been Found To Be filled with Porn and the Police have Closed it Down....' Of course it wasn't.

Dead Hard Drive Recovery

Plus when I take them apart they dont make a suction noise when the cover is pulled off. Reply muhammed March 26, 2015 at 1:52 am when i try to connect my hard drive using a ide cable, there r no any affects. Reply Tina Sieber June 23, 2016 at 4:35 pm I would strongly recommend to replace the drive. Also, I've found another tutorial that allows to recover not just files, but also settings and - most important for me! - programs.

Is there anything I can do at this point to recover the pictures? After doing so, you can buy a hard drive docking station or a USB cable converter (Amazon sells both) that allows you to connect your external hard drive to another computer. More than two years after I had tried everything I dared to get it to work, again and again for weeks, I just plugged it in and it simply worked. How To Recover Data From Damaged Hard Disk SO I took the risk of removing the drive from its case and attempted to use it internally of course it didn't work.

Flag as... And better yet if you can make sure your drive or your data never degrade in the first place. If it failed once, there's a probability that it will fail again. And you didn't back up your data, did you?

If the pics are really precious, here is something a bit more robust than the local shop. ( But they are extremely expensive! (try to shop around first) m 0 l External Hard Disk Not Working Joel Hruska Right. m 0 l TarmacMeat November 30, 2013 12:40:37 PM I hadn't done a backup since March I have put in the new hard drive, reloaded windows and am currently waiting Then we submerged one of the drives in custom- made storm-surge floodwaters (salt water, construction debris, oil) and let it soak for four days.

How To Fix An External Hard Drive

I'd turn 100 bad drives at $50/drive into about 50 good drives at $500/ea. These programs are designed to essentially do a data dump from your problem drive to a new drive. Dead Hard Drive Recovery So it sat in a drawer for several years until recently I decided that since I'd likely already lost everything anyway, I may as well let an "amateur" friend try and How To Fix Hard Drive Failure All Rights Reserved.

By the way - two hard drive cures you haven't mentioned. this content If I hadn't tried the freezer trick, the data would be in the trash with the drive. Had some success but hoping to launch a Kickstarter some time soon. So, I picked up a new 2TB usb back up on sale. How To Fix A Hard Drive That Won't Boot

That's how I find out about stuff. You can only wish that this is your problem! stravencroftMay 23, 2011, 6:32 AM I'll get right to work on that. weblink Have the right software to quickly back up your data 6 Safest Ways to Backup & Restore Your Files in Windows 7 & 8 6 Safest Ways to Backup & Restore

I also tried the freezer one and later heard it was a myth. How To Recover Data From Hard Disk Which Is Not Detecting without warning. Senior tech has to work on it, took a month to get the drive back , but I did get the data that we wanted.

Hey, I am not going to sacrify my weekend, drive the 10, 20 miles to you,  work on your computer and not be paid for at the very least the gas

  1. i tried uninstalling some programs that i think its the cause but didn't fixed.
  2. I am now going to try and purchase the exact drive and replace the PCB to see if that works.
  3. system backups.
  4. You may get lucky and find a cause and be able to fix that, I would be happy to look at it for you for nothing, Joel Hruska Hans, Burned off,
  5. I have a theory that on some newer drives they draw too much power and eventually cause an overload in the voltage regulator, this becomes particularly critical if the laptop battery
  6. This time I get more buzzing and smoke starts coming out of my power supply.
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  8. I have no doubt that my drive is dead as nothing recognizes it and it will not spin except for the first few seconds upon power up, occasionally.

That revived mine for long enough to get my data off. Should one only pay his doctor only if his terminal cancer is cured? they unplug from the PSU box), which is what it looks like from your picture, then you can probably get away with just ordering new cables of that type. Hard Drive Repair Software The more informed you are, the better.

Reply Tina Sieber October 3, 2016 at 9:52 am That's really tough, Marisa. Sure, nothing wrong in advocating to choice a company that says, “Hey send us the drive, we’ll take a look at it and maybe do a preliminary test and we’ll then Even your response to my comment is using absolute statements to problems based on assumptions that may not be true.  Example: "The only time the "dirt broke and nothing to lose" check over here It will display any data on most problem CDs.

You may still research the question, but you're examining the problem from a different risk/reward position. Bet you have a spare pair. Home FAQ My dead mouse story Other stories Forums About Adsense Are you an eBay user? I do quite a lot of HDD recovery being located on an island in the Caribbean with no other local options available that can be trusted.

Rather than trying to forecast something that is even less predictable than the weather, you should rely on backups. Ano54321 Actually, the freezer trick have worked for me on a few drives. so, it is going to harm my data which i m trying to recover... Been trying all the tricks in the book to get it goeing again.

After that the drive went into the trash, but the data was rescued. There are a host of signs that hint to a gradual failure of your hard drive. Forum Acer 5738g hard drive dead, erecovery to new hard drive?