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Lynn7 years ago Here's a very humane way to catch a mouse we would choose vs those cruel snap traps or glue traps.. He set some traps with some bread on and some chocolate spread which I didn't think would work.We went out and came back late and nothing.I set more traps bringing the I didn't dare to open the drawer. Register Here Cart Victor Pest Rodent Control World Leader in Rodent Control Since 1898 Search site:Search Free Shipping on Orders over $79 My Account My Wishlist US CA DE FR GB

The more aromatic the bait, the better it works. Mice have slightly longer ears, which are much wider, rounder, and hairier. What NOT to DoBefore you go out there and start hunting those rascally rodents, here are a few last-minute reminders about what will not work... The mice use the trigger lever to push against and it gets them every time.

You could use an empty cereal box. If you use a store bought trap, electric traps are more effective than mechanical traps. So, inhumane or not, I will NOT waste my money on "traps" again, I don't care how easy they are to use or set; my money will be on the bait Any suggestions???

  • Should I start leaving the mouse trap on my and sleeping on an uncomfortable bed?
  • This is done so that it can balance on the edge of a counter or table. 3 Bait the tube.
  • I live in a tiny place and thus hear it's ever movement.
  • I wondered what do I do with the trap and crying mice.
  • Did you try these steps?Upload a picture for other readers to see.

We paniced and moved in with the inlaws, we tried EVERYTHING, snap traps, glue pads, even a few homemade trials... I knew the little shit(s) were somewhere in the house, as I had noticed their nasty little bowl movements in the cupboard under my kitchen sink. Rodents are attracted to areas with adequate food sources and shelter, both indoors and outdoors. It was just so cute I couldn't bare killing them, but definitely didn't want them in my house.

They love them, and they stick nice to the trap. I tried jack cheese, but no prizes. Because of their innate fear of open areas, mice scurry around the perimeter of rooms and the dark recesses of your home, close to the walls, where their whiskers help them NadaLate in the night I am in my room with earphones in relxing.....

Just do a google/yahoo search for mice and you will see it. Mickey and Minney7 years ago ****GREAT ADVICE****: Use a Silicone Sealant to adhere almonds or popcorn kernals to the clamp trap. I just started to put the mouse trap on my bed when I go to sleep but I seem to snap the trap while I roll around in my bed. Skip to Main Content People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals DonateMenuSearch More ProgramsPETA Primepeta2PETA KidsTeachKindSupport PETABecome a MemberMake a Monthly GiftMake a Memorial GiftPlanned GivingVanguard SocietyMembership ServicesGift MembershipsMore WaysReport Cruelty

If you're having trouble getting the tube to stay still or balance, you can tape it lightly to the table or counter, but be sure the tape is not holding too Standard wooden mouse traps work best. The mouse will do the rest." Humane Mouse Catching A mouse that was caught in the house and released in a local park, by Kathryn Wright (Image credit: Kathryn Wright) How We were so amazed at the number of mice we caught.

When temperatures drop outside, mice come inside, slow down, and focus on building nests, so you can lure them to mouse traps with materials such as cotton balls, dental floss, yarn, One trick for catching very small mice is to use a dollup of peanut butter in the bait section, then place a seed in the middle. Experiment with another variety of bait for mice in your mouse trap.  You may need to try out another style of mouse trap. Also, about using oil after the mouse is caught on the glueboards, well FYI oil will take care of antyhing sticky.

MISTAKE: YOU USE TOO MUCH BAIT | INSTEAD: USE ONLY A TINY AMOUNT When you load up mouse traps with a lot of bait, the pests can steal some of it Authormqjeffrey6 years ago Thank you everyone for reading and for your thoughtful comments and personal stories. But I think the traps must have an odor, because they're not taking the bait. You want the mouse to be a little confined if possible.

THHHP! Just tonight I was getting a load of towels out of the dryer and heard a rustling behind me. Tom6 years ago Put me in with the "I don't care, I am going to kill them" group.

He was not, as we had long theorized, hiding behind the refrigerator.

You must take it at least 102 yards away, if not farther or it will find its way back to your house. 9 Clean and disinfect surfaces where the mouse has Wird geladen... Screw taking it half a mile or further to screw up someone elses home, I live n NYC people are everywhere. You also get to reuse the food.

The only thing is that I have ants eating the peanut butter so I am having to re-bait them daily w/no results. This year, I have 5 boards in my kitchen, and the mice don't ever get caught. Ensure it is a closed space, or make sure you don't have other food sources around the area. We have caught 4 mice on the same almond!

It was only after I got down on my hands and knees and observed him disappearing into a corner, that I discovered the myriad of holes that were in the bottom Yes No Cookies make wikiHow better. Jim8 years ago Those plug-in Riddex things DO NOT work. I'm glad we are moving in a few weeks.

That is a really smart idea. Anmelden 1.881 Wird geladen... I promise you this works!! The first few times that you set up your mouse traps, you’ll want to keep the traps in the same localized area.

I do feel really bad for the little guy...but I pay the rent there. The open hole is near the oven which is an equal shelter for "Houdini". I then use my shop-vac (the small kind) to vacuum them up. i got 24 glue traps, and 21 snap traps, im getting them all.As for being "humane" to them, screw that, those bastards don't care bout my family.

Great mice hunter6 years ago Peanut butter works a treat. After this one is gone I will finish plugging with the wire wool.In the past I have only ever encountered one. they come to ur house and get caught the trap. Seal trash (use bungee cords on lids), pick up your animal companions' food at night and never feed them outdoors, pick up fallen fruit and vegetables in orchards and gardens if

If you want poison, antifreeze. A few days ago I noticed some mouse droppings in my kitchen. HOUDINI will meet his Maker tonight. Defintely not worth the money.